cuttable shapes - Aids to trace and cut

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cuttable - Visual perceptual skills

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Cuttables and Traceables are useful tools
for rehabilitation and therapy

Traceables and Cuttables from Createable
Learning Concepts, LLC, Toledo, OH, now offer a
colorful and easy-to-use path for success

Fine motor developmentOccupational therapists are always being asked to find creative ways to solve basic issues. Elisabeth Wharton is an occupational therapist who has 20 plus years in the public school system. She used her knowledge and skills, along with the help of her husband Randy, a nuclear engineer, to come up with a breakthrough design to help children with their fine and perceptual motor development.

All rehabilitation patients, not just children, can benefit through the use of the Cuttables and Traceables from Creatable Learning Concepts.

Rehabilitation patients can be frustrated with the limited variety of aids to trace and cut. Their hands, too, would frequently get in the way as they used tracing aids, or the aid would move when they tried to trace around their hand. Cutting was also difficult for those with decreased fine motor and visual perceptual skills. We designed two different products to meet the needs of students and rehab patients alike.

Traceables are similar to stencils except that they are thick plastic stencils, a little less than a quarter inch thick. They have handles outside the shape for a child or any user to hold onto while they trace the entire shape without their hand being in the way.

Bi-lateral dexterity improvementCuttables are aids to cutting, and they come as two identical shape templates held together and aligned magnetically. Knobs on the outside of the templates make it easy for a patient in rehabilitation to pull the two shape pieces apart.

Benefits of using Creatable Learning Concepts’ Cuttables and Traceables include:

  • Bi-lateral dexterity improvement
  • Hand/eye coordination improvement
  • Fine motor skill improvement
  • Gross motor skills improvement
  • Increased imagination
  • Increased drawing skills
  • Improve cutting skills
  • Learn shapes for pre-math fundamentals
  • Pre-writing fundamental skill improvement
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