Cuttables and Traceables for patients in rehabilitation or students

Complete Cuttables and Traceables Set
(Set of 13)


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Cuttables and Traceables from Creatable Learning Concepts

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Benefits of using Cuttables and Traceables from Creatable Learning Concepts include:

  • boy and girl drawing with traceables - Motor skills improvementDevelopment of dexterity
  • Hand/eye coordination improvement
  • Fine motor skill improvement
  • Gross motor skills improvement
  • Increase in imagination
  • Increase in drawing skills
  • Increase in cutting skills
  • Ability to learn shapes for pre-math fundamentals
  • Pre-writing fundamental skill improvement
  • Improved language development
  • Increased spatial awareness


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Traceables are available as circles, squares and triangles that have a handle on the outer edge of the shape, thereby enabling the user to trace the shape without the hand getting in the way.


Cuttables are available in the shape of circles, squares and triangles, and additionally an elongated rectangle to assist in cutting lines.
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