pecial needs children and others in developmental rehabilitation can benefit from using Cuttables and Traceables

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Perceptual motor deficits

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Cuttables and Traceables create drastic
improvements in children’s abilities

Improvements not only in cutting and drawing skills,
but also in language skills, math and science concepts.

Special needs children and others in developmental rehabilitation can benefit from using Cuttables and Traceables from Creatable Learning Concepts, LLC in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Cuttables and Traceables, developed by Liz Wharton, an occupational therapist with over 20 years experience, have shown to increase the cutting and drawing skills of preschool children with developmental handicaps. Children and adults with autism, blindness, cerebral palsy and other perceptual motor deficits can benefit greatly from their use.

girl using square tracable - Increase cutting and drawing skillsBenefits of using Creatable Learning Concepts include:

  • Development of dexterity
  • Hand/eye coordination improvement
  • Fine motor skill improvement
  • Gross motor skills improvement
  • Increase in imagination
  • Increase in drawing skills
  • Increase in cutting skills
  • Ability to learn shapes for pre-math fundamentals
  • Pre-writing fundamental skill improvement
  • Improved language development
  • Increased spatial awareness

Because Cuttables and Traceables are made from durable plastics, they are guaranteed to last longer than traditional techniques such as cardboard cutouts and other tracing aids. They are strong enough to hold up to the abuse that they will likely encounter in a classroom.

Cuttables and Traceables from Creatable Learning Concepts can help end the frustration.

little boy holding square cuttable - Gross motor skill improvementTools such as shapes made from multiple layers of glued-together paper or cardboard can create templates the children may use as guides to develop cutting skills, but these never have a very long life when faced with a determined pair of scissors.

For Cuttables, when a child places a piece of paper between the two shape pieces, magnets hold the paper firmly between them. Knobs on the outside of the shape pieces make it easy for the child to pull the two shape pieces apart. This allows the student to cut around the outside edge of the shape, using sensory feedback from the edge of the shape, as well as visual feedback, to guide their scissors.

Tracing aids frequently are solid shapes that the children have to hold while they trace around, and at some point, the hand holding the shape will always be in the way. For some children, this obstacle is difficult to overcome.

Other tracing aids are frequently stencils made of thin material, and the child’s marker tends to slip over the edge, possibly ruining the drawing in their eyes and thereby creating frustration.

Traceables are a little less than a quarter inch thick, so the child can trace the shape without their marker slipping out. And since Traceables have handles outside the shape for the child to hold onto, they can trace the entire shape without their hand being in the way. Now it’s much easier for all students to develop their tracing skills.

For more information on Cuttables and Traceables contact Creatable Learning Concepts today.

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