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Cuttables and Traceables were developed
to help special needs students

They are tools to develop dexterity,
eye/hand coordination, and fine- and gross-motor skills.

Girl using a circle traceable - Develop motor skillsLiz and Randy Wharton began Creatable Learning Concepts, LLC in February 2008 after Liz came up with a revolutionary new product concept to help special needs children draw and cut various shapes.

Liz is an occupational therapist working with preschool children for Toledo Public Schools. Having spent more than 20 years as an occupational therapist for special needs children, she saw firsthand how challenging and frustrating it could be for them to master dexterity, eye/hand coordination, and fine- and gross-motor skills. Tools to develop these skills are frequently used. However, there were no tools/aids available to help children develop their cutting and drawing skills. Until now.

Cuttables and Traceables are the brainchild of Liz and Randy who dreamed up the idea in their living room. Randy, a retired U.S. Air Force nuclear engineer, began product development. In 2008, the Regional Growth Partnership accepted them as a client to help them get started.

boy using a square cuttable - Eye hand coordinationLiz got the idea after working with a blind student who wanted to cut and draw like his other classmates. She researched and found there were no assistive products in this area. She thought there had to be a way to develop some set of aids that would enable him to cut and trace without any help, giving him the independence he so badly needed.

Then with the help of her husband, they developed a line of products that they call Cuttables and Traceables.

Cuttables and Traceables were initially developed with special needs children in mind. However, these tools can be just as relevant to any person who is in a developmental or rehabilitation situation.

For more information about Cuttables and Traceables or to order a set contact Createable Learning Concepts today.

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