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Creatable Learning Concepts Products
include Cuttables and Traceables
and Create-a-Picture Kits

Cuttables and Traceables are tools to develop dexterity, eye/hand coordination, and fine and perceptual motor skills.

Cuttables Sets

Each Cuttable consists of two matching shapes made of sturdy plastic with magnets embedded inside to not only hold the shapes together, but to also align them. A piece of paper or similar material placed between the two halves of a Cuttable is held securely so that the edge of the template can be used as a guide for cutting without the material coming out or becoming displaced. Once the shape is completely cut, the two halves are easily pulled apart and the material can easily be removed. The template acts as a sensory guide that even allows a blind person to cut out the shape without any outside assistance, a freedom previously difficult or impossible to achieve.

small set of Cuttables - Gross motor skills Small Cuttable Set
Regular Price: $19.99

Fall Sale Price: $14.95

Contains all the 4 inch Cuttables.

  • 4-Inch Cuttable Circle
  • 4-Inch Cuttable Triangle
  • 4-Inch Cuttable Square

Large Set of Cuttables - Tracing aid difficulties Large Cuttables Set
Regular Price: $24.99

Fall Sale Price: $18.95

Contains all of the 6 and 8 inch Cuttables.

  • 6-Inch Cuttable Circle
  • 6-Inch Cuttable Triangle
  • 6-Inch Cuttable Square
  • 8-Inch Cuttable Rectangle

Cuttable complete set - Improves Eye hand coordination Cuttables Combo Set (Set of 7)
Regular Price: $42.99

Fall Sale Price: $32.95

Save $$ by getting both Large and Small Cuttable Sets together!
The full set of Cuttables includes:

  • 4-Inch Cuttable Circle, Triangle and Square
  • 6-Inch Cuttable Circle, Triangle and Square
  • 8-Inch Cuttable Rectangle

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Traceables Activity Guides Create-a-Picture Combo Deals

All parts are manufactured in Toledo, OH, USA. All products meet or exceed CPSIA and ASTM F963-08 Standards for Toys
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A production code stamped on the underside of each part identifies the production run for the part.
If a part does not have a code, it was manufactured in production run #1
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