Cuttables and Traceables to help children and rehabilitation patients improve fine motor skills and gross motor skills

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Createable Learning Concepts makes
tracing and cutting shapes easy for everyone

Traceables and Cuttables from
Createable Learning Concepts
offer a colorful and easy-to-use path for success.

2 boys using cuttables and traceables - Thick plastic stencilsLearning how to trace and cut shapes can be a challenge for many preschoolers—even more so for those with developmental and physical impairments.

Createable Learning Concepts developed Traceables and Cuttables for children and people with special needs. Traceables enable kids to trace an entire shape without having to pause to go around their wrist.  Cuttables secure the paper for cutting via two matching shapes held together by magnets.

The products are the brainchild of Liz and Randy Wharton.

Cuttables and Traceables are made from sturdy rigid plastic, strong enough to hold up to the abuse that they will likely encounter in a classroom.

Young Boy drawing with a triangle traceable - helps children and rehabilitation patients improve fine motor skillsCuttables are aids to cutting, and they come as two identical shapes held together and aligned magnetically. Handles on the outside of the shape make it easy for a child to pull the two shape pieces apart. When the child places a piece of paper between the two shape pieces, the magnets hold the paper firmly. This allows the student to cut around the outside edge of the shape, using sensory feedback from the edge of the shape, as well as visual feedback to guide their scissors as they cut around the shape.

Traceables are similar to stencils except that they are thick plastic stencils, a little less than a quarter inch thick. They have handles outside the shape for a child to hold onto while they trace the entire shape without their hand being in the way.

A complete set of Traceables includes 4-inch and 6-inch circles, squares and triangles in bright colors. A complete set of Cuttables comes with 4-inch and 6-inch circles, squares and triangles. Additionally an 8-inch rectangle helps teach the basic skill of cutting a straight line. Cuttables also are in bright colors that children find most appealing.

For more information on Cuttables and Traceables, please contact us today.

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